Lassie the Film

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Asta was a famous dog actor who starred in popular movies during the 1930s. He starred in movies such as The Thin Man and a variety of other Thin Man series that were extremely popular. The beloved dog also starred in a few television series. He is best known as the television dog of Nick and Nora Charles. You will find a variety of fan clubs online that feature famous dog stars of the past such as Lassie. The popular collie starred in the 1943 film, Lassie Come Home. The movie made Lassie a household name for the next few (more…)

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Living In The Doghouse With The Dog.

Famous dog actors have been a part of movies and television since the time of silent films. The first dog actor was a female border collie back in the days when movie theaters were just fledgling novelties. The two most famous classic dog actors are Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.

Rin Tin Tin wasn’t born into a Hollywood family or otherwise provided with the breaks that have allowed many actors to successfully break into the movie industry. As a pup, Rin Tin Tin (more…)

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Every Dog Has His (Or Her) Day.

Every Dog Has His Day is the 10th installment in the famous novel Hank the Cowdog series, which is a collection of humorous children’s fantasy novels. The book series was all written by John R. Erickson and was exemplified by Gerald L. Holmes.

Every Dog Has His/Her Day talks about the people who are coming to a ranch for round-up, and brings with them a border collie who’s name is Benny, and notably hated by Hank, (more…)

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Dog Gone It! You Gone And Done It!

Married with Children ran for eleven years on the Fox Network. Buck, a Briard named Michael played the dog. The dog itself is not seen often. When the dog is seen, it is usually laying on the couch or on the stairs. It shares many of the same flaws as the rest of its television personality. The personality given to the dog is both sarcastic and lazy. Although the dog is lazy, Buck did find time to impregnate all the female dogs in his neighborhood at one point.

Michael (more…)

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It’s A Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog World.

It’s a Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog World! Who can resist a pair of big brown eyes and the floppy ears of a canine companion? From Marmaduke to Benji we love our dogs. For many of us seeing dogs like these in movies or on TV makes us want to run right out and get one of our own. The talented pooches of Hollywood, and the entertainment world in general lend insight into all the (more…)

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A Walk In The Park Or Who Pinched The Pouch?

Learning about the famous dog actors can be a good thing. The problem that may arise is not knowing anything about these dog actors. Then you will be left trying to figure out what information you can find about them. However, some of the information you should be the breed of the dog, and where they are from.

The breeds of the dogs is rather important to learn about. When a person learns about this aspect, it can be easy for them to see about the history of the dogs, but also if they may work for (more…)

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Great Dog Movies for the Family

If you love Lassie, odds are you love dogs, so here’s a list of the best dog movies to watch with your kids or your spouse. If you’re lucky you may find some of these films listed at or OnDemand so turn on the tube and get watching!
101 Dalmatians: Great for kids, this classic animated tale teaches young ones about the power of family. Not only (more…)

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Collie breeds and breeding

HistoryLassie shares a lineage with a breed of herding dogs that date back centuries. The Collie Club of America was formed in 1886, and even then the origins of the breed were shrouded in mystery. The name may derive from the Gaelic or Irish terms for “doggie”cilean and cilean. Other suggestions are that it comes from “coal” or the word “colley”a Sottish black-faced mountain sheep. Today, collies are bred for either the traditional herding profession or for shows and domestic environments. (more…)

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Turn your dog into a star

Okay, so the role of Lassie might be currently taken, but there’s always space for another star at the top, right? If you’re interested in turning your furry friend into a star, you’ll need to focus on dog training first. And if you have no idea how to go about doing that, wellyou’ve come to the right place.First, you’ll need to build up confidence in the animal, especially if it’s shy. To do this, find out what is setting the animal offfor example, people, cars, or other dogsand then slowly expose him to it. Be careful if other living things are involved, and make sure your dog’s leash is secure, but not so tight that he feels trappedthis can quickly instigate a fight. (more…)

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The history of Lassie

Some stories just reverberate throughout history and become an integral part of one’s childhood. For millions of people of all generations, the story of Lassie the collie is just that. But where did it all begin, and how has it managed to keep its staying power for all this time?Lassie began as an idea in the head of author Eric Knight, an Englishman who served in the Canadian and American armies, and also worked as a newspaper reporter and film writer. Based on the collies Knight raised with his wife Jere Knight, Lassie first appeared in the 1940 novel Lassie Come-Home. The novel proved so popular that a film version was made in 1943, in which the male dog Pal played the female Lassiea gender-bending role that he would reprise in six more films and two television pilots. (more…)

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