Collie breeds and breeding


Lassie shares a lineage with a breed of herding dogs that date back centuries. The Collie Club of America was formed in 1886, and even then the origins of the breed were shrouded in mystery. The name may derive from the Gaelic or Irish terms for “doggie”—càilean and cóilean. Other suggestions are that it comes from “coal” or the word “colley”—a Sottish black-faced mountain sheep. Today, collies are bred for either the traditional herding profession or for shows and domestic environments.

Best-Known Breeds

Rough Collie: The original herding breed and that of Lassie.

Smooth Collie: A short-coated version of the Rough Collie.

Border Collie: Considered the most intelligent breed of all dogs and used in a variety of professions, from herding to search-and-rescue.

Bearded Collie: A collie with floppy ears and longer fur.

Other Breeds:

You may be surprised at some of the breeds that fall under the collie family, since many of them don’t even include the word “collie” in their names. These are just a few of the other breeds that fall under the collie family:

Blue Lacy: A grey or red variation with non-collie heritage.

English Shepherd: Most similar to the Border Collie, with floppy ears and longer, thicker fur.

Kelpie: An Australian breed that originated some years before the first Border Collie was brought to the continent.

Shetland Sheepdog: Thought to be the result of a Rough Collie bred with a Spitz/sheepdog blend.

Welsh Sheepdog: Can be long- or short-coated with pricked ears.

Many other breeds are formed by blending the above breeds with each other or with dogs of other ancestry.

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