Great Dog Movies for the Family

If you love Lassie, odds are you love dogs, so here’s a list of the best dog movies to watch with your kids or your spouse. If you’re lucky you may find some of these films listed at or OnDemand so turn on the tube and get watching!
101 Dalmatians: Great for kids, this classic animated tale teaches young ones about the power of family. Not only are the Dalmatians adorable, Cruella Deville makes an awesome villain.
Marley and Me: This one’s not for the faint of heart and certainly not great for kids. If you’re interested in exploring the bond between humans and animals though, this Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson flick is a classic.
Beethoven: Featuring a loveable St. Bernard, Beethoven (and its sequels) are great family fun. What’s more enjoyable than getting behind the zany antics of a big shaggy dog?
My Dog Skip: Staring the world’s best behaved Jack Russell Terrier, My Dog Skip is a great movie for fathers to watch with their sons.
Shiloh: Perhaps the namesake of one of the more famous children in the country, this movie is a family flick featuring an adorable beagle.

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