Turn your dog into a star

Okay, so the role of Lassie might be currently taken, but there’s always space for another star at the top, right? If you’re interested in turning your furry friend into a star, you’ll need to focus on dog training first. And if you have no idea how to go about doing that, well—you’ve come to the right place.

First, you’ll need to build up confidence in the animal, especially if it’s shy. To do this, find out what is setting the animal off—for example, people, cars, or other dogs—and then slowly expose him to it. Be careful if other living things are involved, and make sure your dog’s leash is secure, but not so tight that he feels trapped—this can quickly instigate a fight.

Another important thing to consider is that training is based on trust, not fear. You don’t want your dog to be a zombie, or a broken animal—instead, you want a healthy and obedient pet. Training can, however, be used to eliminate unwanted behaviors like jumping up on guests. In this case, you can either turn your body away when the dog is getting ready to jump, or give him another command like “sit”. In both cases, you show the dog that he will not get your attention by jumping.

Training your dog based on commands, of course, requires a great deal of rewarding of wanted behavior and ignoring unwanted behavior. Don’t punish your dog when he doesn’t come through—just ignore him, and then lavish attention when he follows commands like “sit” or “come”. This will quickly lead to an animal that does what is expected of him every time. When your dog reaches this point, you can focus on more complex skills, such as when Pal (Lassie’s actor) jumped into a river and then crawled mournfully out. Who knows—with patience and time, your pet too could become a star.

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