15 Interior Design Games That Will Let Out Your Creative Side

It can be exciting to redesign a space so a person can call it their own, but oftentimes the work is more than the reward. This is why games exist that focus on interior designing so gamers can let out their creative side, without depleting their energy and their wallets. These games are often seen as downloadable apps for a person’s phone, and many of them are free.

The games on this list will allow players to live out their dreams as they create beautiful spaces. There is something for everyone as they cover a wide range of interests and tastes depending on a person’s creative tendencies. Keep reading to learn about some of the best interior design games that players should download!

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Updated December 20, 2020, by Helen Ashcroft: This year we’ve all spent far more time in our homes than usual, and as a result, interior design is on a lot of people’s minds. While we still love to build a cartoon home and furnish it with craziness, sometimes we’re just searching for a game that allows us to unleash ideas we could translate to real life.

This list has been updated to add a few variants of home design game and includes games that allow you to create your own home and virtually decorate it as well as those that offer more than just interior design. You can even try your hand at house flipping!


15 Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D has several different variants but they all allow you to design and furnish a virtual home. The software is designed to be an easy to use planner that allows you to create a house of your choice and try out new looks.

The realistic and flexible design tools also let you visualize your next home, see how a new layout would look in your current one, or simply have fun. Create your dream home and make everything perfect.

14 House Flipper

House Flipper is for anyone who has ever watched those TV shows where people buy run-down homes at auction then tear them down and totally transform them. It allows you to buy a wreck, do it up and sell it on.

As you play the game you’ll use your money to buy a larger home to renovate and continue this pattern. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at house flipping, this is a great way to experience it.

13 Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox

Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox has mixed reviews but the concept is very unique. It allows you to build and design your own furniture. You can construct practical and useful items, like tables or chairs, or go wild and make something crazy.

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However you want your home to look, home improvisation can provide. From down to earth to out of this world, there’s a way to create your style in this furniture sandbox game.

12 Design My Room

In this mobile game, you can design a home, store, or one of many other real estate properties. You can unlock challenges and even follow the storyline of a wannabe designer just starting out.

There’s also a community aspect to Design My Room where you can share design tips with others and see who has the best looking interiors. Maybe you’ll even get some inspiration.

11 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons may not be as in-depth as some interior design, games you are able to design not just your home but also an entire island.

As you take in the relaxing pace of the game, you’ll work to unlock new design features until you have a six-room home and an entire island to revamp. You’ll even be able to change the island’s internal terrain and waterways.

10 Redecor – Home Design Game

This game offers new challenges for players to complete daily as players are tasked with redesigning a specific room in a certain style.

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The players themselves will then vote on the various designs that others around the globe have created which look like photos of actual rooms. It will open up a gamer’s mind to a whole new world of interior design as they are forced to think outside the box and explore new styles that they wouldn’t normally choose themselves.

9 Home Design: Caribbean Life

Players who are looking to let out their creativity in a vacation setting should check out this mobile game that is set in the Caribbean.

It will take players through various episodes and they are required to complete minigames in order to move on, but many are instantly hooked. It tests their brains while allowing their interior design juices to flow and it is a free app that gamers can download on their phones.

8 Kawaii Home Design

This game focuses on a less realistic interior design venture and players love its unique layout. Players are tasked with rearranging furniture based on a client’s request, while still keeping some of their own creative flair in the final product.

Outfits for a character can also be unlocked and public polls exist where other gamers can vote on whose showroom they think is the best.

7 My Home Makeover – Design Your Dream House

Everyone has an idea of what their dream home would look like if they had the unlimited funds to make it happen. While these aspirations are usually unattainable, luckily this game exists to allow gamers to create it in the virtual world.

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Players will help wealthy clients realize their dreams as they flip, renovate, and redecorate various homes and rooms. Players are required to play match 3 levels that will grant them coins and allow them to unlock even more in-game rewards.

6 Home Dream: Word & Design Home

This mobile game combines a love for word puzzles with interior design as players must complete them in order to earn better rewards.

Players can explore various renovation styles and deal with a wide variety of client requests. The game is updated often so there is always something new as it provides an endless supply of fun.

5 Home Maker: Design Home Dream Home Decorating Game

Players who are looking for a game without mandatory puzzles to solve will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that this one has to offer.

Players become an interior designer and are tasked with designing various rooms in order to improve their payment rate. It involves a voting system for the best designs, as well as daily challenges that players can partake in to improve their final designs.

4 Design Home: House Renovation

The magic of this game is that it features actual brands of furniture that can serve as inspiration for a person’s actual home. These pieces can even be bought online through the game and delivered right to their door.

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A player can partake in daily challenges where they are tasked with designing a room and there are plenty of ways to customize so they can make it their own. When they reach a certain level gamers can unlock personal homes that they can decorate to their liking.

3 House Flip With Chip And Jo

If remodeling is a player’s passion than they will love this game that features Chip and Joanna Gaines. Players are responsible for buying houses and flipping them with limited funds in order to make a profit on the market.

They not only control the renovations but are also responsible for the buying process as well so they can attempt to obtain the best deal.

2 Home Fantasy: Home Design Game

This game isn’t as realistic as some others on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to play. It doesn’t involve solving puzzles in order to move onto the next levels, although, the cute designs entice players to become addicted to it.

The game is constantly updated as they add new styles and pieces of furniture that players can’t help but want for their own homes.

1 The Sims 4

The last game to make it onto our list is none other than The Sims 4, where players can live an alternate life in a virtual world. Many players love the home design aspect where they have the ability to create a home from scratch.

They are given a wide range of options, and certain skills can even allow players to create their own decor.

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