4 budget-friendly ways to design the ultimate outdoor lounge

4 budget-friendly ways to design the ultimate outdoor lounge

You can merge your living area with the outdoors without necessarily spending on structural changes.  “For the Lavelle residence we planned the balcony at the north-east corner of the house to maximise on light and the green views outside. Sheltered by the gorgeous canopy of the neighbourhood Gulmohar tree, the balcony acts as an extension of the living room,” says Sapre.

Create an inviting and relaxing seating arrangement on your balcony, verandah or terrace with throws, fluffy pillows and mats, instead of leather and wood, for a cosier look. Don’t forget to add a little table to enjoy your tea or coffee. Scout flea market for bargains, especially vintage eclectic coffee tables, chairs, or swings, for a playful touch. Layer pieces that provide continuity to the design narrative while being cost-effective.

For this Bengaluru home, Sapre opted for a neutral rug on a patterned floor to tie the various pieces of furniture together. Planters on the periphery of the balcony add a layered experience to the landscaping and are easy on the pocket.

3. Say Yes to Outdoor-Friendly Materials

Outdoor or weather-friendly materials such as cane, bamboo, rattan, etc., are easy on the pocket and imbue a tactile quality into the ambience. Moreover, they’re both elegant and very practical. According to Sapre, the trick is to invest in quality outdoor furniture to create a cohesive look. 

Glass and wood coffee tables become the focal point of the terrace. Concrete wall-to-wall benches offer plenty of seating.

Shamanth Patil

“The outdoor corner was created as a lounge space below the large canopy of the Gulmohar tree, with a built-in seat with weather-proof cushions. A large coffee table, envisioned by the homeowners and built on site, takes centre-stage on the terrace of this home. This set- up creates a cozy nook that can host upto 10 people at a time.” explains Sapre.

Opt for woven rattan or cane in neutrals or monochromes that ground the space. These materials are very versatile and complement most decorating styles. Do check for UV- and water-resistant labels for wicker and metal frames. Pick varieties that won’t rust or corrode over time. 

4. Reuse and Repurpose

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. Scour your home or storage for accessories that can level up the look of your outdoor lounge. It can be old string lights, bedsheets that you convert into cushions or mats or even colourful glass jars that are too big for the kitchen. The terrace coffee table, for example was created with a transparent glass tabletop set upon oversized jars as a quirky and colourful base.

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