a.lugar’s ‘casa de arce’ harmonizes with its garden site in colombia

a.lugar’s ‘casa de arce’ harmonizes with its garden site in colombia

‘casa de arce’ celebrates the peace of its environment


Colombia-based architecture studio A.Lugar completes its Casa de Arce, the luxury of which can be found in its relationship with nature. Sited in the rural town of Subachoque, the design team aims to ‘evoke the peace of the environment through durable materials that would age naturally with the environment.’ The house takes shape as a pair of two volumes — dividing public and private areas — whose subtle expression is sculpted in concrete and brick. Meanwhile, the interiors open out to the surrounding maple forests through large windows.

a.lugar casa arceimages courtesy A.Lugar



a restful house within nature


The private volume of A.Lugar’s Casa de Arce hosts master and guest bedrooms suites. The architects organize two guest suites along with a main room, whose large windows imitate a ‘glass box’ while its bathroom and a private patio ‘evoking the feeling of nature sanctuary.’ The team notes: ‘it was very important that all the spaces of the house had direct connections with nature and natural light, either through floor-to-ceiling windows or through skylights on the roof that allow the light to enter.’


The two volumes of the house are linked by a long, ‘restful’ staircase which encourages occupants to ‘enjoy the journey,’ as a large circular window alongside this stair overlooks the gardens outside. Atop the stair, a resting space offers reconnects the interiors with the gardens, inviting occupants to ‘disconnect from the dynamics of everyday life.’

a.lugar casa arce



the design by a.lugar


The team at A.Lugar continues, describing the gathering ares of its Casa de Arce: ‘Finally, crossing a small corridor that becomes giant due to the landscape it offers with its large window, we find the social area, a space of just over eighty square meters which contains all the activities that bring the family together,’


‘the kitchen as the central axis of activities and meetings, a modern kitchen but that at the same time does not feel timeless in the style of the house, a warm, simple and modern dining room and living room, and above all, all these spaces arranged towards the landscape, all always connected with nature.’

a.lugar casa arce
large, full-height windows open toward the garden

a.lugar casa arce
a lateral stairway is opened with a large, circular window a.lugar casa arceinteriors are expressed with concrete and warm details

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