Celebrity Interior Designers Share the Most Luxurious 2023 Trends

Celebrity Interior Designers Share the Most Luxurious 2023 Trends

When it comes to interior design trends for 2023, lighting and texture are essential.

According to Kelly Hoppen, one of the world’s most renowned interior designers, “lighting will be key.”

Hoppen, whose celebrity clients include David and Victoria Beckham and actor Martin Shaw, told Newsweek, “One star piece of lighting can almost act as a sculpture in a living room.”

The South African-born, British designer added that rugs also play a major role in the feel of a space, noting that “they massively transform a room.”

“The preferred pile of rugs is getting thicker and more luxurious,” she divulged.

While many shy away from wallpaper over a fear that it may soon look dated, Hoppen said it’s actually “having a massive comeback—in particular, textural walls as a backdrop for art.”

The author revealed that dining room displays are having a resurgence as well.

“People will be eating in, so table tops for entertaining are going to be popular.”

Celebrity Interior Designers Share the Most Luxurious 2023 Trends
A home with ample lighting and lots of texture is seen with an inset of Kelly Hoppen arriving to the Chelsea Flower Show 2022 on May 23, 2022 in London, England. The renowned interior designer with celebrity clientele spoke with “Newsweek” about the most luxurious home trends for 2023.
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In terms of which stone is the most high-end, Hoppen said, “Marble is massive, especially for coffee tables as it gives that added glow.”

Plus, don’t be afraid to mix and match. “Mixing all types of styles, old and new, and adding crystal with modern glass,” is a sure-fire way to a visually appealing space.

As for other trends to look out for, Los Feliz Realtors, a branch of RubyHome—who are experts in luxury real estate and design—say it’s all about calming colors and dual-purpose pieces. Here’s what they told Newsweek.

1. Brighter is better

“Ideal would be to make the most of the natural light, however, not everyone might be blessed with large windows and exposure to the sun, therefore the focus is all on chandeliers and lamps,” they said. “There is no wrong way to choose a pendant, however, what is predicted to be in trend this winter are oversized and noticeable ones.”

2. The right colors

“If repainting walls and furniture is something in your to-do list, you might want to go in one of two directions: choose natural colors to embrace the calm vibe of the earth or, if you’d like a pop of color, stay within the safe lines of mellow and tranquil blues and greens, with an addition of soft pinks and lavender, if that’s more your taste. To finish off, you’ll find that soft gold trims are what’s missing.”

3. Multifunctionality

“As we move on with time, we also move on from the notion that a house must simply be a house to eat, sleep and chill. Having a multifunctional home might be the best trend 2023 is bringing along, with additions such as luxe movie and game rooms, gyms and saunas.”

4. Curves

“Straight lines and geometry out, curves and movement in! One of the most promising trends of this winter. To achieve this style, you won’t need to redo your whole house, just an arched doorway or some fun and lively piece of furniture can just do the trick.”

5. “Mid-century chic”

The California-based company continued, “It’s the return of the 60s and 70s in our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This means wallpapers and meaningful object[s]. Try buying a statement sofa or an adorned cupboard which will be the star of your room, and pair it with soft colors and sleek curves for a house in perfect 2023 trend style.”

6. Add some texture

“Adding character to any room without making it tacky might be tricky, and that’s where marble comes to rescue. An unexpected texture which is still elegant and smooth, it will catch the eye without being too loud. You can also try and add some pieces that mix different textures and materials.”

7. Nature… in!

“Your home can definitely be whatever you would like it to be, so why not a garden? Indoor gardening, plants and more earthy pieces can make your living room feel just like a resort, and it’s a 2023 trend that we’ve seen before but that will only grow more and more popular.”

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