Refurbed Launches Sales of Kitchen and Household Products in Ireland

Refurbed Launches Sales of Kitchen and Household Products in Ireland

Refurbed, the online retailer of refurbished electrical devices that launched in Ireland last year, has announced that customers can now purchase kitchen and household appliances such as coffee machines, robot vacuums, food processors and other appliances.

The company aims to become ‘the Amazon of refurbished products’, and earlier this year made refurbished games consoles available for sale through its online marketplace.

All products sold by Refurbed undergo a 40-step refurbishment process to ensure they are restored to factory settings.

“With this new category now available to Irish consumers, they can ensure that their kitchens and houses are equipped with affordable and sustainable technology and do their part for the environment,” said Pádraig Power, Refurbed’s marketing manager in Ireland.

“Whether you like your brew hot or cold, complicated or simple, you can grab discounted name-brand coffee gear to sate your caffeine cravings. It’s even more exciting to see our products work together, for example with robot vacuums that can be controlled by your smartphone.

Refurbed Kitchen
Pádraig Power, Reburbed marketing manager

“Refurbed now has a device in one in 50 households in Ireland, which shows that more and more consumers are engaging with the circular economy.”

Refurbished robot vacuum cleaners are especially popular, as they are often expensive to buy new, and vacuum cleaners currently make up the top three selling products on Refurbed in Ireland in the household/kitchen products category.

The company offers a 12-month warranty and a 30-day trial period. 

Refurbed, established in Vienna five years ago by Peter Windischhofer, Kilian Kaminski and Jürgen Riedl, currently employs 250 people and operates in 13 countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland.

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