Spending Your Holiday on a Motorboat


For some people, their ideal holiday is to spend their vacation on flying abroad or perhaps just resting, while some prefer to spend it on the beach. And in this article, we’re going to discuss spending your holiday on the beach, with a motorboat and you might be thinking if renting a boat is worth it or not since it can get quite expensive. Still thinking about renting the motorboat for your holiday? Make sure that you read this article as we provide some reasons why you should rent a motorboat for your vacation.

surfThere are many water activities to do

When we rented a motorboat from Boat Rentals in Ft. Lauderdale, we realized that there’s a lot of water sports to choose from, from fishing and swimming to boating and just relaxing on the boat while talking or popping up some champagne. Everyone deserves that kind of getaway after working for an extended period of time.

Tip: unsure of what to do? Make sure to research the internet for fun water sports. We recommend snorkeling, diving, or fishing. Make sure that you have experts to guide you and provide supervision if there are kids.

The motorboat can fit a lot of people

Based on our experience from renting a boat from Ft. Lauderdale, we also realized that the motorboat was big enough, which means that you can bring a lot of people during your vacation. Based on rough estimation, the boat itself can fit around ten people. The least that can fit in your boat is six people, while the maximum amount is around 12 people in the boat, so consider renting two boats in case you’re going with a lot of people.

Tip: always bring medicine in case someone or yourself gets seasick. You wouldn’t want a vacation filled with headaches and vomiting now, do you?

They are easy to bookboat

Most people think that booking a motorboat might be quite confusing. Not to mention they don’t know about the policies and FAQs. But don’t worry, our experience was proven with satisfaction. Most rental boat companies will help you to file or to answer any questions that you have, such as the price of the captain (in case no one can drive the boat.) To make things even better, they also accept special requests for the next time you’re planning to have a vacation.

Tip: ask for policies, such as weather cancellations and many more. Doing this will spare you the trouble in case the bad weather decides to storm in.